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Get Me There: The smarter way to get around
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Get Me There: The smarter way to get around

About get me there

Say hello to the new, smarter way to get around that will make public transport easier to use, more flexible and, in some cases, better value too.

The aim of get me there is to make printed tickets a thing of the past by introducing a range of smarter ways to travel including the get me there card, and the get me there mobile ticketing app for Metrolink. Get me there will allow you to plan your journey and buy tickets in advance, all you have to do is touch in when boarding a bus or tram and touch off when finishing your Metrolink journey.

You can use your get me there card to make flexible journeys on any bus * in Greater Manchester. If you haven't already got a smart card create an account and order one online now.

*See the full list of bus companies that will accept get me there.

Get me there is available for use on buses and trams and you can now buy travelcards which allow you to combine the two. You can buy a range of 7-day and 28-day Bus & Tram tickets online, from TfGM Travelshops and from PayPoint outlets. You can also buy 1-day Bus & Tram Travelcards on the bus.

The get me there scheme, which includes buses and trams is managed by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

TfGM is working closely with its transport partners across Greater Manchester, including Greater Manchester Travelcards Limited (GMTL), the organisation of transport operators behind the existing System One travelcard scheme, to co-ordinate the ongoing improvement to the smart ticketing scheme.