Clipper is a smart way to save if you're working more flexibly and travelling less often

Our trial offer is designed for flexible workers, part-time workers or anyone who travels regularly but not every day. You can buy online for your get me there smart card and won't need to use ticket machines on stops.

Request a get me there smart card now.

If you travel on Metrolink for less than 5 days a week, or always in the off-peak, Clipper could be better value than a 7-day travelcard.

About Clipper

  • Each Clipper will include 10 identical Metrolink adult 1-day travelcards.
  • You can choose anytime or off-peak travelcards, for any combination of zones.
  • All 10 travelcards must be used within 8 weeks (56 days).
  • The price for each Clipper will be the total for nine travelcards, so you get one free.
any one zone
Clipper anytime£24.30saving £2.70
Clipper off-peak£17.10saving £1.90
zones 1+2
Clipper anytime£38.70saving £4.30
Clipper off-peak£31.50saving £3.50
zones 2+3 or 3+4
Clipper anytime£31.50saving £3.50
Clipper off-peak£27.90saving £3.10
zones 1+2+3
Clipper anytime£54.90saving £6.10
Clipper off-peak£38.70saving £4.30
zones 2+3+4
Clipper anytime£42.30saving £4.70
Clipper off-peak£35.10saving £3.90
zones 1+2+3+4
Clipper anytime£63.90saving £7.10
Clipper off-peak£44.10saving £4.90

How to buy

  • You can buy a Clipper for your get me there smart card online or at a PayPoint store or TfGM Travelshop.
    (Some Travelshops may have different opening times, so please check for latest information.)

  • If you buy online or at a PayPoint store, you can select a start date within the next 7 days and the first time you touch-in to travel at a smart reader on a Metrolink stop, on or after this date, your first travelcard will start automatically.

  • You can buy a second Clipper or another type of travelcard, with a start date before your current Clipper expires, but they should all be anytime tickets or all off-peak tickets, and not a combination.

How to use Clipper

  • Once you have your Clipper, simply touch-in before boarding and touch-out at your destination each time you travel, using the smart readers on tram stops.
  • Each day that you make one or more journeys, a travelcard will be used and, provided you touch-in to start each journey and stay within the zones you’ve chosen, all your journeys will be covered. Only one travelcard will be used for each day you travel.
  • You can use your travelcards on any 10 days from the start date and you have 8 weeks (56 days) from this date to use them.
  • The 8 weeks starts from the day you buy your Clipper in a TfGM Travelshop or the start date you choose when you buy online at It’s not the first day that you activate a travelcard, which may be later.

Please note: If you don't touch-in with your travelcard before boarding a tram and you are asked to produce a ticket for inspection, you will be given a Standard Fare notice.

If your smart card is not accepted for travel

  • Make sure your travelcards cover the zones you need to travel through.
  • Check that you’re not trying to travel with an off-peak travelcard before 9.30am on a weekday.
  • You may have used all 10 travelcards already.

Checking how many travelcards you have left

You can log in to your account or pop into a TfGM Travelshop and the team will check your balance for you.

Ticket inspections

  • You need to make sure you touch-in before you start each journey, so the inspector can see your active travelcard.
  • Having travelcards left on your Clipper does not mean you have a valid ticket.
  • As with any ticket on a smart card, a Metrolink official will be able to check that you have a valid and active Clipper travelcard. If you failed to touch-in, your card won’t show a valid ticket and you will be liable for the Standard Fare.