Children aged 5 to 16

From age 5, children need a valid ticket to travel by tram, bus or a combination of both.

There are child prices for most ticket types in Greater Manchester but some are only available with an igo card.

11 to 16 year olds always need an igo card, to buy and use discounted child tickets, when travelling by bus.

Find out more and apply for an igo card now.

Easy cash-free child travel

An igo card is an ID card AND a smart card. This means you can buy child tram tickets and travelcards online, using a get me there account and store them on an igo card, perfect if you're a parent or guardian buying a ticket for your child:

The ticket will be available from the day after you buy it, just use the igo card with the smart readers when travelling:

  • touch-in at the tram stop before boarding
  • touch-out at the tram stop when you finish your journey

The smart readers on tram stops now accept contactless cards and devices for travel. Please move your igo card away from your payment cards, when you use a smart reader. For example, if you keep your card in a wallet or purse, remove it before you touch-in and touch-out. This will make sure you’re not charged on a contactless card you didn’t intend to use.

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