16-18 get me there card

If you live in Greater Manchester, you can apply for a 16 – 18 get me there card from 1st September after your 16th birthday:

  • the card costs £10
  • it lasts until 31 August after your 18th birthday

Use your card as ID for:

  • 50% off an AnyBus 1-day travelcard (buy on the bus)
  • 50% off a Metrolink off peak day or weekend travelcard

A get me there 16 – 18 card is both an ID card and a smart card, which means you can buy a ticket online, store it on your card and use the smart readers when you travel.

Use your get me there account to buy:

  • discounted off peak day or weekend tram travelcards - 50% off adult prices
  • adult tram tickets
  • adult AnyBus & Tram combined tickets (you will need to touch-in using a smart reader at a tram stop, before using your smart card on a bus)

Once you have a valid ticket on your card:

  • touch-in at the smart reader before boarding a tram or at the ticket machine as you board a bus
  • touch-out at the smart reader when you finish your journey by tram
  • you don’t need to touch-out when travelling by bus

NEW from 1 September 2019 – Our Pass

Our Pass is a new scheme for young people aged 16-18 to help them easily access work and leisure opportunities, training, education and skills throughout Greater Manchester. It will be replacing the 16-18 get me there card.

From 1 September 2019, Our Pass will entitle holders to free travel on local bus services across Greater Manchester and they can also buy off-peak day and weekend travelcards for the tram at half adult prices.

If you already have a 16-18 get me there card, which would still be valid on 1 September 2019, you will be contacted by email with details of how your card will be replaced. If you don’t have a 16-18 get me there card, you can apply for Our Pass from the ourpass.co.uk website from 1 July 2019.